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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rich Client Apps Using Swing; JavaFX SDK Is Out!


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Table of Contents



The JavaFX SDK Has Landed
(Joe Winchester)


How Scripps Networks Manages Media Assets with Mule
(Ross Mason)


Achieving Thread Synchronization & Parallelized Execution in Java Using the Concurrent Utility
(Parameswaran Seshan)


The role of Event-Driven Architecture in Business Applications
(Prabhu Balashanmugam & Yanbing Lu)


XML Heaven or XML Hell?
(Duncan Mills)


The Three Stages of the Enterprise Software-as-a-Service Relationship
(Avigdor Luttinger)


Application Factories
(Ravi Kumar)


Smoke-Filled Rooms
(Patrick Curran)




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Volume: 13 Issue: 08





The JavaFX SDK Has Landed
At last year's JavaOne Chris Oliver gave a presentation on JavaFX in which he discussed how he was interested in programming Java2D not in terms of JComponent paintEvent methods that launch into graphics.drawLine(...) or graphics.drawRect(...) code, but instead by allowing the developer to create an object model representing a Java2D picture. He also wanted to use scripting to describe a figure graph of objects rather than Java code, having seent he success of other scripting languages. Most important, Chris was interested in making this accessible to the kinds of people who like to use professional drawing packages to create artwork so that they could be more engaged with application development without having to throw their designs over the wall to programming teams. In addition ...




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