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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DefenceNet News Update []

DefenceNet News Update []

LTTE air attacks in Colombo and Thalladi, Mannar

Posted: 28 Oct 2008 02:39 PM CDT

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) light aircraft bombed locations in Mannar and Colombo a short while ago. According to our information bombs have fallen near Thalladi, Mannar where a Sri Lanka Army base is located. At least 1 soldiers was injured in the attack in Mannar.

Meanwhile the air defense system was activated in Colombo and parts of the city was placed under a blackout upon detection of a suspicious aircraft at around 10.45PM. LTTE aircraft managed to drop at least one bomb near Kelanathissa power plant. Resulting explosion triggered a fire which caused damages to parts of the coolant system connected a gas turbine which was currently not in operation. Power supply to other parts of the country continued without interruption.

Reports of smoke and explosions from other areas such as Colombo Harbor and the Kerawalapitiya plant are due to the air defense system being activated. There were no LTTE attacks on any of these locations.

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