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Monday, October 27, 2008

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Army to deploy Task Force 3 to Wanni battlefront

Posted: 26 Oct 2008 03:50 PM CDT

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) will soon deploy Task Force 3 (TF3) to the Wanni theater of battle which is getting heated up by the day. TF3, which is raised with both offensive and defensive capabilities in mind, will mostly likely be deployed in areas recaptured recaptured by the army's 57 and 58 divisions. Deployment of TF3 will no doubt increase SLA's ability to defend a possible LTTE counterattack similar to the unceasing waves.

Meanwhile the operations to capture Kilinochchi and other areas are continuing at a slower pace, partly due to torrential rains and due to heavy resistance from the tigers.

Image: Transportation of supplies to the frontline and casualty evacuation have become difficult due to torrential rains

Despite the bad weather, soldiers are determined to continue their advance, even at a slower pace. Fighting erupted yesterday (26th) north of Akkarayankulam, Adampamudai, Kalmadu in Kilinochchi (58 division), general area Kokavil (57 division) and north of Andankulam in Mullaithiv (59 division). Increased CS gas attacks by LTTE on advancing troops could be observed in the past two weeks, specially on Kilinochchi front. More than 50 soldiers were affected by these attacks and around 20 had to be hospitalized for further treatment. There were however no deaths from gas attacks, contrary some media claims.

Meanwhile military intelligence believes that senior LTTE leader Bhanu suffered minor injuries when his based in Kilinochchi was hit by SLA fired artillery shells yesterday (26th). At least 5 other LTTE cadres are believed to be injured as well. This report however is not confirmed as of yet.

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