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Monday, November 17, 2008

Introducing Call Me SMS

Dialog Call Me SMS

Wanna make that all important call & your phone is disconnected or out of credit ?

Dialog Call Me SMS has just the right solution for you !

Now you can simply get your friends or family to call you back should you run out of credit or should your outgoing be barred with a Call Me SMS request.

Call Me SMSes are offered free of charge and could be sent via a simple USSD request.

How it works…..

To request a call dial #356*followed by the number you wish to request a call from#

Eg : #356*0771234567#


You can dial #356# and browse through the detailed menu where you find additional functions on barring Call Me SMS Requests from unwanted/unknown numbers.

Some important points to keep in mind ….

· All Call Me SMS requests are Free!

· Only D2D Call Me SMS are permitted .

· You can send up to a maximum of 20 Call Me SMS requests per week.

· You bar / block up to 15 numbers that send in Call Me SMSes from Unknown or Unwanted numbers.

Some FAQ…

· Can all Dialog customers enjoy this service ?

Yes, this service is available for both Postpaid & Prepaid Customers.

· Do you need to pre register to enjoy this service?

No, you can get started right way.

· What is Call Me SMS block list?

If you do not wish to receive Call Me SMS request from any particular number, you can bar the number from sending you requests.

· Do you always have to be out of credit or outgoing barred to send a Call Me Requests ?

No, you can send Call Me Requests at all times

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