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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Jackson family pull together in remembrance of the late king of pop

Jackson brothers, from left to right, Randy, Marlon, Jackie, Jermaine and Tito, accompany the coffin of their brother Michael into the public memorial service held at Staples Center

Sisters together.... Janet Jackson, La Toya Jackson and Rebbie Jackson - dressed head to toe in black - arrive for the memorial

Jermaine Jackson performs Michaels favourite song, Charlie Chaplins Smile, in tribute to the late king of pop

Michaels eldest child Paris struggles to fight back the tears whilst paying tribute to her father

Marlon Jackson struggles to make a speech, supported by his family

The Jacksons show their unity on stage as they embrace each other after Paris made her emotional speech about her father

Paris Jackson holds the hand of her younger brother Prince Michael II, as he clutches onto a doll of his late father

Paris rests her head lovingly on the shoulder of her grandmother

Brothers Jermaine and Jackie embrace in front of their father Joe Jackson

Paris Jackson rests her head on her aunt Janet Jackson, while brother Prince Michael II stands in front of La Toya Jackson

The children salute their late father while on stage

Michaels children, Paris, Prince Michael II and Prince Michael sit with their grandmother, Michaels mother, Katherine Jackson

The Jackson family pull together on stage and unite in remembrance of Michael Jackson

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