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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Google TV. another revolution product from the GOOGLE.


As I aware Google introduced this platform 3-5 month ago. today they came up with another update. that means now you can own a Google TV.

what is this google TV?

basically its a software that combined current traditional tv programming and internet together and create more entertainment unit for better experience. 
what are the difference my TV and Google TV?

Google partnered with many leading content providers to bring thousands  of movies and videos. you can buy , rent , view as they providing. obviously you can watch the freely available videos at any time. it provides recoding facility and you will never miss your favorite programs. 

they have build-in search engine. you can search through your TV or internet or any attached devices. once you found  ....its a just a click to watch.
you can search any information from the internet like search engine.

google TV includes google chrome and flash player 10.1. so you can access everything on the internet, watch videos , chat with your friends . and most importantly you can play barn buddy and farmville also. :)

and it includes some applications and you can find thousonds of applications on the web. some of them are preloaded. like amazon , twitter, face-book , Netflix.....

you can operate your TV using your android phone. your android phone allow you to control your TV , use your voice to search . and more importantly there will no any fights for the remote controller. because multiple phone can operate same TV.

YouTube even better on the TV . you just have to sit back and watch all the movies. its automatically linked and you dont need to search and click for next. 

you can browse the internet and watch TV simultaneously. you can read your mail while watching your favorite movie.
How can I buy this?
there are 2 ways. one is buying the all in one TV or buy a separate box.

for more info please watch these videos.

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