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Monday, September 26, 2011

Google Wallet


What are they doing? I fell they are going to be the leader of everything. Actually as I aware Dialog Telecom ( biggest telecommunication company in sri Lanka) start to developed this system while ago and at that time I was an employee. Not sure about the current situation of that project.

by the way, Google introduces this excellent system to world. Now we don't need to carry our money wallet to buy stuffs. even we don't need to carry credit card. So easy ... when you are walking just take your Google enabled phone.

this is how is it work.

Basically this is work with master , city credit cards and google prepaid cards. if you have one of those you can save those details to secured chip inside the phone. when you go to shopping rather than using cash or cheque you can use your phone to pay.

fully secured and super easy. right now it supports only 3 gateways and that will support all the gateways soon. believe me. its Google man. :)

Another benefits are you are eligible to use that as a gift cards and you can get rewards from the merchants.

Stay tune. some more are coming......

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